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Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

By Paul Rothbart

Sciatica is a painful condition that causes sharp aches and pain along the sciatic nerve, running from the lower back, through the hips, and down the legs. It is fairly common and can also cause numbness in the leg. The pain can be intense but can be treated non-invasively. There are a number of possible treatments. Chiropractic is a popular option that has worked well for many sciatica sufferers. Here are the symptoms, causes, and how a chiropractor treats sciatica.


Sciatica is referred to as a radiating pain as it moves along the sciatic nerve. It can be a sharp, biting pain or a dull ache. A pins and needles sensation or numbness can sometimes occur. It starts in the low back and travels down either or both legs. It can be a burning pain or similar to electric shock. Sciatica makes walking difficult and even sitting may cause pain. Sciatica itself is not the disorder. Rather, it is a symptom of the disorder, which involves the nerve.


Compression of the sciatic nerve is what causes the pain. This can happen because of a herniated disk or bulging disk, or "misalignment" of the vertebrae. Carrying and giving birth to a child can also cause sciatica. Sitting on a bulging wallet in the back pocket has also been known to cause sciatic nerve pain. In all of these scenarios, the nerve is compressed, causing pain along its length. Piriformis syndrome is a very common cause of sciatica. The piriformis muscle in the lower back connects to the thigh bone and assists in rotating the hips. A fall can cause the piriformis muscle to have spasms and cramps that pinch the sciatic nerve and cause swelling and pain. This can also occur when one leg is longer than the other. A proper diagnosis of the specific cause of sciatica is essential to proper treatment. 

Chiropractic Treatment

There are several treatment options available for sciatica, one of which is a chiropractic adjustment. A licensed chiropractor will use adjustment techniques to gently manipulate the spine and realign the disks. With the spine properly aligned, the pinching and compression of the sciatic nerve stops and the pain goes away. The manipulation of the spine is not painful and will not cause damage. This is a safe and effective treatment that has given many people relief. 

Sciatica is a painful and potentially debilitating condition. It makes walking and moving around quite difficult and the pain can be a major distraction from the daily chores. But you don't have to keep suffering. Treatment options are available and chiropractor is one that is non-invasive, not painful, and can be very effective. It is certainly well worth trying. 

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