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Top 5 Chiropractic Tips for Maintaining Spine Health

By Chris Brown

The chiropractor's practice of viewing the body holistically allows them to identify big picture causes of common spinal dysfunctions -- dysfunctions which not only cause back pain, but also limb weakness, neurological cloudiness, weakened immune response, and other internal functionality issues. Prevention is the best course of action when it comes to the back and spine, and our daily habits play a huge role in our spinal health. Chiropractors recommend these top five tips for keeping your spinal column in tip-top shape.

Maintain a Healthy Posture

Good posture is the backbone of spinal health. The daily wear of a poor postural position can alter the spine's shape and make it increasingly prone to vertebral disc damage and nerve pain. Simply put, a proper posture keeps the head, shoulders, knees, hips, and feet all in parallel alignment (without any muscle strain) when standing. Similarly, when sitting, your back should be aligned upright with your feet flat on the ground. A majority of us have developed some form of poor posture throughout the years. Being diligent about self-correcting one's posture is the best way to bring it back to an optimal state.

Stop Sitting and Keep Moving

Our spine, along with the rest of us, was made to be in motion. Modern day sedentary lifestyles reduce the spine's flexibility and can lead to premature calcification and permanent limited mobility. Not to mention, long periods in the seated position is conducive to slouching and poor posture. Walking breaks can reduce the daily impact of sedentary work upon your back, keeping it flexible and happy. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Excess weight, especially around the midsection, causes additional strain upon the spine which pulls it out of proper alignment and makes it more difficult to maintain proper posture. In fact, reducing your weight by just four pounds removes 16 pounds of pressure from the spine. While you work to slim down, strengthening your core and back muscles will help offset some of the gut's strain.

Strengthen Your Core and Back Muscles

Strong support muscles are elemental to any joint's health, and the spine is no exception. As the spinal column runs the entire length of the back, however, its support muscles extend through multiple muscle groups. Both the upper and lower back are highly important in protecting the positioning of the spine (and helping prevent injury when lifting or bending). But just as important are the front core muscles. Robust abdominals reduces back strain by keeping the spine in its proper curvature and correctly positioning the pelvis.

Regular Preventative Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care, while excellent at treating injuries, is at its best when used in a preventative fashion. Spinal manipulation is formulated to correct dysfunctions and subluxations that lead to poor posture and back pain. When dysfunctions are caught early, before noticeable symptoms arise, the body has an easier time strengthening the proper spinal support muscles to keep it in a healthy position. This makes it an easier task to accomplish all other daily tips of spinal health.

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