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T9-T12 Vertebrae: The Unique Vertebrae of the Abdomen

By Chris Brown

Feeling an endless upset stomach and pain along your lower back? You may have joint restrictions of your T9-T12 vertebrae causing this pain. Along the lower end of the thoracic vertebrae lie a series of four unique spinal bones, T9, T10, T11, and T12, that can cause abdominal region pain if in a dysfunctional state. Adjusting these vertebrae in a chiropractic session can provide relief for a number of intestinal or mid-to-lower back issues.

The Unique T9-T12 Vertebrae

The T9-T12 are thoracic vertebrae located in the lower-middle area of the spinal column. Like the T1-T8 vertebrae above, the T9-T12 vertebrae articulate with the rib cage. However, these vertebrae are unique in that they all only articulate with a single rib, rather than two. This means that they are less stable and more susceptible to secondary injury if one of those ribs is traumatized. Nerves from these vertebrae primarily branch out to the abdomen and lower back. This means that any subluxations in this region can cause digestive stress or lower back and/or buttock pain. Similarly, its middle position on the spine means that problems in spinal structure can facilitate muscle tightness, poor posture, and curvature (kyphosis) of the upper spine as well. Severe trauma that severs the spinal cord in this region means paralysis from the waist down. However, this spinal area is low enough to typically allow unassisted breathing and upper body movement.

Chiropractic Enhancements at the Unique Thoracic Vertebrae

Chiropractic manipulation of the T9-T12 can fix issues with digestion, stress, and fatigue as well as pain in the lower back. Fixing subluxations here can relieve tightness in muscles that spread all the way down the spine. For example, the T12 vertebral nerves extend down into the buttock area, so correcting a T12 dysfunction may resolve pain or tightness in even that lower region. T9-T12 adjustments importantly maintain health for the central body and can relieve muscular stresses commonly stored in the abdomen. Since many of the nerves influencing digestion are connected here, a correction can also optimize the intestinal network and relieve inefficiencies that cause untriggered stomach aches.

If you are experiencing abdominal region issues or lower back pain, an adjustment to your T9-T12 vertebrae at The Joint Chiropractic may just be what the spinal doctor ordered. Appointments are not accepted, so simply stop by one of The Joints more than 600 clinics nationwide for an affordable and convenient walk-in session.

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