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How to Bounce Back from a Path of Text Neck

By Genevieve Smith

We look down at our phones more than ever. With so much to keep up on, from news to feel-good stories, new releases to our favorite games, it’s no small wonder. But it’s not doing our upper backs any favors. Before phones, we were curling our necks toward a good book or newspaper, but now we tote our devices everywhere and gaze at them more often. This is creating what some in health care refer to as “text neck.” Let’s look at some of the stats and how changes in behavior combined with regular chiropractic can help.

Text Neck

The weight of your head affects the neck differently depending on the angle. At neutral, your head is effectively 10 to 12 pounds. When bowed to a 60-degree angle, the head weighs out to 60 pounds pulling on the upper back. Hanging your head at this angle often results in tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Over time, it can actually change the curvature of the back, straightening out the gentle slope at the top of the spine. This can result in early wear and tear, chronic pain, and -- if it gets too far -- surgery because of disc herniation and pinched nerves.   

Restorative Measures

There are ways to stay up to date (and keep gaming!) without counting down the days to serious text neck problems. Consider your posture when you look at your device. Stay aware of how you position your shoulders, and how deeply you crane your neck. For arm support, rest elbows on your torso and be sure never to push yourself in a way which strains your back. Change your behaviors to hold a device in front of your face so that the spine can stay in a neutral position. Always be conscious of pulling shoulders back; the goal is to avoid hunching. If it feels funky, don’t worry, you’ll acclimate! If others are curious why you’re surfing social media like that, spread the word! Nothing is sexier than good health for all.

We’re all guilty of passively slouching without a second thought. A chiropractor can help work out kinks built up from bad posture, and restore a vital energy flow throughout the body by releasing tension. At The Joint, chiropractors use manual manipulation to foster healthier joints, applying pressure and encouraging joints back into their rightful place. Patients seem to love regular adjustments, finding them to be a useful part of their healthcare routine. Feel free to stop by The Joint anytime to learn more. There are affordable pricing plans, and no appointments are necessary.

To learn more about your health and wellness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Webster, Tex.

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