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Go Ahead, Sleep Off That Cold!

By Donna Stark

Thought you were going to squeak by this year without getting sick, didn't you? But you woke up this morning with body aches, chills, and a cough that rattled the entire house. Yes, you've caught it. And whether it's just a really, really bad cold or the ever-so-hated flu, you're bound to hear countless tips on how to get well. Eat plenty of chicken soup. Increase your intake of Vitamin C. Chew on some garlic. And hey, while you are at it, chew on some onions too. But the most important tip you should follow is to get plenty of rest. That's right. If you ever needed an excuse to stay in bed and sleep all day, here it is.

Sleep Your Sickness Away

Making sure that you get adequate rest and sleep when you're sick is the one piece of advice that you absolutely have to take to heart. Restful, recuperative sleep is the best thing to offer a sick body because it gives your immune system quality time to fight back! But how do you sleep if you can't even breathe? If you can't stop coughing throughout the night? If your spouse has seriously lost their patience sharing the bed with you? Here are some tips that can help make everything better.

  • Take the right meds - If your cough is keeping you up, select a cough suppressant; if your nose is super stuffy, choose a good nasal decongestant. Just be careful with your choices because many cold medicines can come with side effects that wreak havoc on sleep. Double-check to make sure that the medicine you take at night is labeled as a nighttime medication and not for use during the day.
  • Sleep on an incline - When you are lying flat, sinus pressure can build up and post-nasal drip will collect in your throat, causing headaches, irritation, and a cough. To avoid this, simply stack some pillows or use a foam wedge to keep your body inclined.
  • Treat yourself to some steam - Warm, moist air and hot steam can help clear your breathing passages, soothe your dry sinuses, and calm a relentless cough so take some action before you hit the sack. Pull your humidifier out, take a hot shower, or enjoy a piping hot cup of peppermint tea to help find the relief you need.
  • Keep necessities nearby - You know you have crossed the line and gotten out of bed too much searching for tissues, a throat lozenge, or a glass of water if your spouse is giving you the evil eye when you return. Don't make everyone suffer with you. Keep all of your necessities right at your bedside for easy access.

Great Sleep Brings Better Health

Getting your rest while you are sick is just what the doctor ordered, so set yourself up for success. Follow these tips from the onset of symptoms and get ready to feel better in no time!

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