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3 Reasons to Skip Fitness Fads

By Genevieve Cunningham

Fitness is a field that almost constantly gets bombarded with the newest fads and trends. Try this and burn 20 pounds! Eat this exotic fruit and lose fat instantly! You’ve heard them, and if you’ve been in fitness long, you have probably been sucked in at least once or twice. While some of these fads really do turn out to be the real deal, the vast majority really are just fads. They die almost as quickly as they rise to popularity, and you’ll be better off just skipping them. If you really want to stay fit and healthy, take a look at these three great reasons to skip the fads and go for tried and true methods in the fitness world.

Fads Haven’t Been Proven

A fad is almost always untested. While it may have a few success stories, it just doesn’t boast the longevity needed to prove itself worthy of following. What may seem amazing at the beginning may actually be detrimental later on. Take for example the Atkin’s Diet. This diet was hot for a little while. In the beginning, many people found it to be extremely beneficial, and they dropped weight like crazy. Fast forward a few years and these same people unfortunately suffered from heart problems related to the diet. While the diet wasn't terrible, as a whole, it needed time to be revised and refined before taking it as gospel. For most fads, the same rings true. Your best bet is to wait it out and see if it sticks around.

Fads Are Expensive

The one surefire way to pay too much for something is to wait until it is super popular. The law of supply and demand takes hold, and these fads quickly cost much more than their worth. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, wait and see. If the fad is real and will honestly work long-term and stand the test of time, then the price will remain high; more importantly, the testimonials will prove real results. If the fad turns out to be a flop, you haven’t wasted a dime in a new program that won’t work anyway.

Motivation Usually Doesn’t Last

Most people who join a fad do so with lots of motivation. It’s exciting and new and they can’t wait to join in. Unfortunately, this sort of enthusiasm rarely lasts for the long haul. The motivation usually simmers about the same time as everyone else’s, which is why many fads tend to die out. Results don’t happen quickly or at all, and people give up the newest craze and go back to their old favorites. If you have something that works for you, don’t give it up for a new fad. If you want to try something new, great! But do so with discretion, and don’t leave your old faithfuls behind.

While fitness fads come with a lot of energy and a new promise for the perfect body, they rarely work in the long run. Instead of jumping on the train, give it some time and make sure it is effective and will work for you. By taking this approach to fitness fads, you may save a lot of money and time, and still wind up better off in the end.

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